Expanded Resources for Sensor and Biosensor Developers

On this page we have linked to information and products for people wishing to understand, develop or manufacture biosensor, sensor and medical diagnostic technologies.

Click below for a Case Study where ZP has taken academic research to market, at Zimmer and Peacock we see our difference is that we can be part of bringing ideas to the market.

At Zimmer and Peacock we have a wide range of pre-existing sensors and biosensors, these are intended to accelerate our clients to market.

Useful articles

Below we have linked to three articles about sensors, biosensors and medical diagnostics.

Useful information

At Zimmer and Peacock if we have to do a repetitive calculation we turn the calculation into an online calculator to make it both easier for us and for our clients. Similarly if we are asked a question and we think the answer is useful for the community in general we make an FAQ of it, please click the button to enter our knowledge base.

Useful tools

The ZP standard products are designed with one thing in mind, which is to get our clients and collaborators onto a platform that is 100 % focused on developing technologies that  are manufacturable and  commercially viable.

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The ZP services are focused on developing and manufacturing sensor, biosensor and medical diagnostic products for our clients and collaborators.

Our philosophy is that either ZP can do the development or we supply our standard products and our client performs the development.

About Zimmer and Peacock

Zimmer is focused on directly assisting our clients and collaborators to market with their biosensor, sensor and medical diagnostic ideas. Please click to read more.