Non-disclosure and Confidential agreement provisional policy

Zimmer and Peacock adheres to ISO13485 and so our policies are part of our quality system. At this time our Non-disclosure Agreement/Confidential Agreement Policy (NDA/CDA) is in a provisional state, but we do lay out our discussion points here:


  1. Zimmer and Peacock does receive a significant number of NDA/CDA requester per annum, and so we do have to be very judicial in our signing of these agreements. ZP prefers to keep initial pre-sales communications  at a high level and rather only engage when the partnership has developed into a commercial state.
  2. All Zimmer and Peacock NDA/CDA agreements are signed by Zimmer and Peacock AS.
  3. The most efficient manner to secure an NDA with Zimmer and Peacock AS is to sign our standard Zimmer and Peacock AS NDA, that can be electronically sent to you and signed using DocuSign.
  4. Zimmer and Peacock AS may negotiate regarding an NDA, but we will not do so outside of a current  substantial programme, and only where the programme is correctly financed.