The Djuli Learning Centre is supported by the ZP Academy.


The ZP Academy is a eLearning platform run by Zimmer and Peacock, and  within the ZP Academy the creators of Djuli have created learning modules specific to Djuli. 


To help you rapidly find the Djuli training modules we have created short cuts on this page.

Getting started with Djuli

The Getting Started with Djuli training module is your quick start guide to registering as a user and starting to use the database. click the adjacent to get going with the module. Contact ZP if you would like to request a 100 % discount to the module.


Below we have posted some data so you can get started with Djuli.

Getting started with Djuli

Click the adjacent logo to see ZP's reservoir of videos on FAQs and how-to videos.

Chronopotentiometry data

1S1 CP (1).pssession
Text Document 487.6 KB
12S5 CP (1).pssession
Text Document 487.9 KB
6S3 CP (1).pssession
Text Document 487.9 KB
4S7 CP (1).pssession
Text Document 487.9 KB

Chronoamperometry data

CH1-CA OQC S1.pssession
Text Document 1.1 MB
CH1-CA OQC S13.pssession
Text Document 1.1 MB
CH2-CA OQC S2.pssession
Text Document 1.1 MB

EIS data

EIS ZP test data_ZP_demo.pssession
Text Document 2.5 MB

Voltammetry data

Text Document 1.0 MB    2022