Marie Curie Post-doc - Biosensor Research Projects

At ZP we do receive a lot of enquires from talented scientists and engineers from around the globe, who wish to join ZP AS.


At ZP we do have a policy of hiring people who are well known to the company, and therefore the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship is a great programme by which people can come to ZP AS in Norway and work with us and maybe take the first step on their future career with ZP.


To work with ZP through this opportunity you have to be a self-starting, highly motivated and super organized person who will lead the Marie Curie application. ZP will support you but it is your passion to do the programme and to work with ZP that will drive your success.

Who can apply for a H2020 MSCA-IF?

  • Candidates from any country can apply, the host institution (in this case ZP AS) has to be located in the EU or an associated country (AC) - click here for list of associated countries.
  • The grant finances a post-doctoral project for up to 2 years.
  • The candidate should hold  a PhD or have 4 years of research experience.
  • Candidates should meet the mobility criteria, having not lived in the host country for more than 36 months in the last 5 years.

Timelines for submission

  • Call opened: 8th April 2020
  • Submission deadline: 9th September 2020
  • Evaluation: February 2021
  • Project start: March 2021 – early autumn 2022


The financial support of H2020 MSCA IFs by the EU takes into account a correction for the host country. It covers


  • Living, mobility and family allowances for the researcher.
  • Research, training and networking costs.
  • Management and indirect costs.
  • The base gross salary of the researcher amounts to EUR 4,650 per month (please note this is gross salary before costs for e.g. health insurance, and income tax are subtracted).

How to apply fora H2020 MSCA-IF?

For people who wish to have a potential future career with ZP then the H2020 MSCA is the perfect way to get to know us an for us to get to know you. ZP is a highly energetic environment with fast paced development of electrochemical biosensors and VDS for our clients.  At ZP AS you will surrounded by world leading scientists and engineers in housed within an ISO 13485 facility. If you desire to be the best scientist/engineer you can and want to learn about business in parallel pleas don't hesitate to contact us.