At ZP we want our buisness to make a difference. We do understand that ZP, like any business, has to be profitable, otherwise our work is not sustainable, and the jobs we have created are not secured, but we see that profitability doesn't mean we can't be a force for good.


To be a business with a passion to do good we need a compass by which to navigate and conduct ourselves, and therefore we have adopted the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


These seventeen goals are the points by which an organisation or individual can help improve the lives and opportunities for everyone in a sustainable manner.





At ZP we understand that starting immediately on all seventeen sustainability goals is a grand statement but we are pragmatists so we needed an achievable  starting point.


In order to  prioritize we held a company meeting with the entire ZP Team and presented the seventeen US Sustainable Development Goals and asked the the ZP  team  to vote on the goals that they were most passionate about. We took this route as we know that reaching goals is a team effort and so we wanted to prioritize the goals in line with the teams passion.




At ZP we have a very international team, with multiple people from each continent, apart from Antarctica. The nice thing about our large international team is that the UN Sustainable Development Goals were voted upon  from a very international perspective.  The ZP team voted that the first goals they would like us to focus on were:


  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Life Below Water
  • Climate Action