There are two airports near Zimmer and Peacock Norway: 

The largest and the best served is Oslo Airport/Gardermoen – click here.

The smaller but closer airport and less served airport is Torp/Sandefjord Airport – click here.


The best way to get from Oslo Airport to Zimmer and Peacock is the Norwegian Rail Service from the airport to Olso Airport to Tonsberg - the train RE11 towards Skien. 

The train invariably leaves from Track 4 and takes about 1 hour and 37 minutes to arrive at Tonsberg.


To get from the train station or the Torp airport to our office there is a reliable taxi company, see below. 


If you need to get a taxi from the Tonsberg train station or Torp airport to the ZP AS office then please call Vestfold TAXI-LINE, their number is +47 33443335.


Hotel Klubben is within a 17-minute walking distance of Zimmer and Peacock’s main site in Tonsberg, so for your convenience we would recommend this hotel when visiting us.  The website is here - click here.