Airport: There are two airports near Zimmer and Peacock Norway: 

The largest and the best served is Oslo Airport/Gardermoen – click here.

The smaller but closer airport and less served airport is Torp/Sandefjord Airport – click here.


The best way to get from Oslo Airport to Zimmer and Peacock is the Norwegian Rail Service/NSB from the airport to Olso Airport to Skoppum.  The train the R11 towards Skien or Larvik. Click here for the NSB timetable – click here.

The train is modern with free Wifi and leaves at 13 minutes past the hour, and takes approximately 1 hour and 27 minutes to arrive at Skoppum. The train invariably leaves from Track 4.

To get from the trainstation or the airport to our office there is a reliable taxi company see below.



If you need to get from the Skoppum train station or Torp airport to the ZP AS office then please call Horten og Borre Taxi, their number is +47 33083800.


 The Sjømilitære Samfund Hotel is within walking distance of Zimmer and Peacock’s main site in Horten, so for your convenience we would recommend this hotel when visiting us.  The website is here, but Zimmer and Peacock are happy to reserve rooms for your visit -  click here.


ZP does have limited accommodation for visitors within a 1 minute walk of our HIP campus.



If you are planning to be with ZP for longer then please take a look at Horten Apartment - click here.


Notes for ZP employees

ZP will reimburse for:

  • Direct expenses for travel (flight, train etc) are refunded as long as original receipts are provided.
  • Accommodation -10 days quarantine at Horten Apartment.
  • Please provide a travel report for your expenses with  receipts, which is sent to the Office Manager for approval and will be refunded.


Covered by the traveler:

  • Travel insurance
  •  Food and private travelling
  • Accommodation after 10 days
  • ZP can support with arrangement of stay in our common dormitory
  • (5 min from HIP). The house has 3 bedrooms with common kitchen and living room.