Client-centric philosophy

ZP is client focused


At Zimmer and Peacock our business model is one of providing standard products and services. Our products can be found on our webstore, whilst our services are described through the service pages on our websites and through the interactions with our business development and sales team.

At ZP we put a priority on the needs of our client, but within the context of a programme and the constraints of the available budget. What this means is that we structure the business primarily on the client and so if the needs of the clients change then the programme scope changes, without having to formerly stop and restart the programme with different milestones and deliverables.


At ZP we work exclusively on programmes that have electrochemical sensors and biosensors at the heart of them, though we often add other engineering services around the sensors, including: mechanical services, electronic services, software services, product design services, quality management services, firmware services, development services, manufacturing services, data analysis services, AI services  and Cloud server services, Our  focus around the core competency of electrochemical sensors means that our clients can be assured that they have a world leading electrochemical sensor and biosensors team looking at their requirements. 


For any programme where we see the requirements are beyond straight forward, we ask that the company, organization or individual engages with ZP and becomes client so that an engineering and scientific team can be assembled and objectively look at the programme.  We do this as a fixed time and fixed budget engagement.