Introduction to Djuli

Djuli is a powerful Cloud Scientific Database that allows:


  • Data Storage
  • Data Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Sharing

Register and Login to Djuli

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Powering your experimental efforts

The super power of Djuli is raising the Experimental Network Value (ENV) of your experimental efforts, click the adjacent to read how Djuli powers ENV.

Djuli for FDA and CE Marking

For an FDA and CE marking effort for a medical diagnostic you will need to gather analytical performance data, please see adjacent button.

Virtual Tour of Djuli

 Djuli is multifunctional and within Djuli you can:


  • Store electrochemical data.
  • Invite collaborators  to view you data
  • Manipulate data including: filters and baseline corrections.
  • Combine batches of data.
  • Perform batch statistical analysis of data.
  • Automatically produce reports on your data.


On this page you can register as a user on Djuii and also access specific eLearning Modules for Djuli.

Djuli Learning Centre

You can explore our Djuli Learning Centre by clicking the button    2022