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glucose biosensors, oxygen biosensors, lactate sensors, hydrogen peroxide biosensors, pH sensors, chloride sensors, potassium sensors, calcium sensors, alcohol sensors, nitrate sensors, nitric oxide sensors, ammonium sensors, sulfite sensors, REDOX/TAS/FRAP, ketone sensors, conductivity, NADH sensors

ZP is  an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors, please see direct links on this page to our off the shelf electrochemical biosensor products.

Glucose biosensors, oxygen biosensors, lactate biosensors, hydrogen peroxide biosensors, pH biosensors, chloride biosensors, potassium biosensors, calcium biosensors, alcohol biosensors, nitrate sensors, nitric oxide biosensors, ammonium sensors, uric acid biosensors, sodium biosensors, phosphate biosensors, sulfite sensors, redox sensors, FRAP, TAS, ketone biosensors, fructose biosensors., cortisol sensor    2022