Zimmer and Peacock have manufactured the world's first wearable biosensor for development and research efforts.The Zimmer and Peacock wearables platform is a launchpad to any wearables effort.



The sensor comes as a pH, oxygen, sodium, potassium, lactate, potassium, glucose, hydrogen peroxide, if you want an alternative analyte please contact us here to discuss.

The beauty of the wearable biosensor from ZP is that you can build your own app, see the link for a quick way of starting.

Use the calculator below to determine how to set your desired voltage.

The ecFLEX has now been replaced by the Single Purpose Biosensor Circuit, which we have linked to in the adjacent button.

Click the link to see some of our sensor platforms that can be integrated with the ecFLEX.



We have been asked whether there is a temperature sensors on board, and the answer is yes there are two one in the analogue front end (AFE) and one in the microcontroller. If you have the circuit in good thermal contact with the skin these two sensors should run at the skin temperature.

Support Library

Poster on ecFLEX
A poster on ecFLEX including coarse square wave voltammetry.
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB
CC2541 BLE data protocol.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 281.8 KB
Data Sheet
ecFlex Datasheetver1.0.0.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 454.5 KB

Quick-start guide
ecFlex quick-start v0.3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 493.5 KB
CC2541 SPI data protocol.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 483.1 KB
Case Download
A case for the ecFLEX
EcFlex model.stl
exe File 6.9 KB

This is for trouble shooting the  ecFlex BlueTooth connection.


  • Make sure battery has sufficient charge
  • Try to ensure there are no obstacles between receiver (PC) and transmitter antennae (ecFlex)
  • Keep antenna track clean, as any debris or oil from fingers will attenuate transmission power
  • Clean the antenna track on the ecFlex with Isopropanol
  • If the issue persists, try a different computer, as they have different amplification
  • Then connection may still be intact. Try to click “Reboot device” in the “ecFlex BLE readout” application. If the device broadcasts (visible by the tx (dBm) changing value) connection is maintained.

This wearable adaptor for the ecFLEX which allows the sensor to be held in contact with the skin is available to customers of the ecFLEX. Please contact us for the 3D printable file.