Sweat Sensors for Chemical or Galvanic Skin Response Experiments

Zimmer and Peacock wants to break down the barriers to the market for our customers, clients and collaborators and that is why we are launching our sensor for sweat sensing applications.


This patch can be used with any of our range of biosensors for people wishing to develop sweat sensing applications.



ZP is offering any of our range of biosensors in this sweat patch configuration. The sensor plus sweat patch can be combined with our ecFLEX sensor platform so that there is a complete development kit for designer and developers of sweat monitoring applications.


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Sweat patch construction kit

The materials necessary to construct 100 sweat patch biosensors using ZP standard sensors or ZP Value or Hyper value sensors. IMPORTANT, this kit does not come with biosensors or screen printed electrodes.

750,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks