Zimmer and Peacock has the world's widest range of off-the-shelf electrochemical sensors and biosensors; we also have a large division performing contract development and manufacturing of biosensors.


One of the key tasks of any development effort is determining and ensuring the shelf-life of the product.


The ZP group has a very optimized workflow for contract shelf life studies of biosensors, this includes:


1) Optimizing sensor repeatability during manufacturing so that the shelf life studies are meaningful.


2) ZP uses statistical methods to  appropriately power the investigation.


3) ZP has temperature controlled chambers so we can accelerate aging.


4) ZP has a team of test engineers who can perform parallel testing of sensors.


5) ZP has a data-sciences group who can crunch the data into information for the client to be able to make business decisions upon.


If you want to contract with ZP's shelf-life study services for biosensor applications please don't hesitate to contact ZP.