Test Jig Development

Zimmer and Peacock are acutely aware that in order to develop medical diagnostics it is necessary to have good test rigs/jigs, upon which sensors and cartridges can be tested. Zimmer and Peacock design and produce these for our collaborators.


The buttons below take you to some of our standard test jigs.

At Zimmer and Peacock we call them test jig and test rigs, but really they are an idea borrowed from the semiconductor industry. In the semiconductor industry they have never underestimated the importance of high throughput test - making good repeatable electrical connection to the device under test.


At ZP we absolutely agree with this philosophy hence in the adjacent video we show an engineering with a new test socket for a semiconductor based biochip where the pins and the socket have been designed to make easy, repeatable and reliable electrical contact with the biochip.