Data Sciences Group

At Zimmer and Peacock we are a diverse team with skills from biosensors to electromechanical engineering; one of the unique services we bring to our contract sensors and biosensors development and manufacturing programmes is a very strong data generation and data sciences skill set.


The ZP team is focused on gathering high quality electrochemical biosensor data, in statistically appropriate volumes and then analyzing the data to draw strong conclusions from the data, so that technical and ultimately buisness decision can be made with confidence.



In a recent case study ZP wanted to both optimize a  formulation and manufacturing conditions in order to make a sensors with the optimum sensitivity.



We have a several STEP strategy in order to optimize our sensors and processes:


1) STEP ONE - ZP decides whether to apply  a 'Design of Experiment', DoE, or not.


2) STEP TWO - ZP prepares sensors, where formulation and/or manufacturing processes are inputs/variables.


3) STEP THREE - ZP tests all the sensors to a high standard, to ensure that the data quality is high so that testing variability would not interfere with the analysis.


4) STEP FOUR - ZP stores the data online in our Julia database - click here for Julia.


5) STEP FIVE - ZP analyses and visualizes the data, and using techniques such as principal component analysis we are able to draw strong technical conclusions that ultimately drive business decisions.


6) STEP SIX  – The technical conclusions of an industrial investigation/experiment have to be taken within the context of other parameters, including: capital equipment, IP landscape, time to implement, cost. Therefore a final decision is based on STEP FIVE but with all the stakeholders involved.

Zimmer and Peacock is committed to contract developing and manufacturing the best sensors  we can for our clients and customers; as part of that we are able to bring a strong data sciences group to the table. If you have any questions regarding ZP's contract biosensor and IVD development and manufacturing services please don't hesitate to contact us.



Signal extraction

Please click the buttons below to see our discussions on how signal can be extracted from raw electrochemical data.