Go to Market System - Ana Pot Extra System

Zimmer and Peacock believe that every one of our customers and clients should go to market as soon as possible. On the way to achieving the ideal product, it is possible to go to market with an initial product that is an integration of parts, rather than the finished product. These early products are intended to turn our customers from a pure development company to a development plus revenue company and to do this in the shortest possible time.


The Ana Pot Extra System is a bringing together of several of Zimmer and Peacock's standard products and services and giving them an application specific user interface. The customer does not interact with a piece of electrochemical  technology,  but rather the user interface has been tuned to give the user an application specific experience.  The final end users maybe sophisticated but they are not electrochemists, and so this initial product is a minimally viable product tuned to the end users specific requirements, the users could include: Water Test Technicians, Farmers, Food Technicians, Oil Field Test Technicians, Veterinarians,  etc.


In the picture below we show that at the end of a product roadmap can be a sophisticated product, but along the way standard products from the Zimmer and Peacock catalogue can be configured into early to market products, so that our collaborators can configure our products and win early  revenue and early market share, that can be used to fund the rest of their product development.

Click the adjacent button to see an example where ZP has taken a technology rapidly to market.


See the buttons below for our standard products which when brought together in the correct combination with a user specific software applications can deliver our customers an early to market product. Please note that Zimmer and Peacock are capable of branding these products with the clients logos .

If your sensor technology requires more development in order to increase robustness, resolution, sensitivity etc, then please consider using Zimmer and Peacock as your sensor development partner.