The philosophy at ZP is that all electrochemical sensor, electrochemical biosensors and electroanalytical research should have the ultimate aim to leave the lab and come to the market, as part of this philosophy we are phasing out our AnaPot Potentiostats for instruments that are more suited to the ZP mission to help our collaborators commercialise their research, so welcome to Kate and Emma.

Single channel - Kate

Parallel channel - Emma

At Zimmer and Peacock we perform a lot of sensor development and testing, therefore to have a high throughput of testing we have the Ana Pot Single Channel Test Jig.

Anapot EIS- ZP1000080

For those who want impedance and potentiostatic techniques as well then we have the Ana Pot EIS 

Anapot- ZP1000003

Ana Pot is a super flexible USB powered mini electrochemical workstation with potentiostatic and potentiodynamic modes of operations, and is compatible with all of Zimmer and Peacock's sensors, which includes bare sensors and biosensors - click here.