Zimmer and Peacock understand that a diagnostic or sensing product has several elements including cartridges, cartridge readers, software/firmware and connectivity to a Cloud database and supporting graphical user interfaces.



As Zimmer and Peacock are experienced in all aspects of diagnostic technology development and so we are able to deliver the software/Android/iOS application along with the readers and cartridges.

ZP is a sensor and biosensor company, but sensing for us ranges from vision, colour, electrochemical sensors, optical sensors etc.


In the videos on this page ZP has sensed using electrochemical biosensors, images of cookies to the colours on lateral flow strips.

ZP has a Science Cloud Engine pre-built that can be leveraged by our clients into their products via a series of application program interfaces (APIs).  All the sensing based apps that we develop have connect to Djuli where we can save, analyse and share the data to chosen stakeholders. 


ZP's Cloud  Technology is called Djuli- click the logo to find out more.

Android and iOS software

Below is an example of a ZP iPhone application running a real world instrument.

Zimmer and Peacock's engineers are Android and iOS application developers, and so we can develop the apps tailored to your products.

We take a pragmatic view and can get apps, including iOS apps quickly, pushed to our partners smart devices, so that they can start testing and promoting.