Sensor control boards and technologies from Zimmer and Peacock

Ziimmer have two technologies for driving sensors.  For the R and D phase stage of a programme is the Ana Fleuve, and for the higher volumes and lower pricing requirements we have the ez Sense OEM.


  • Ana Fleuve - A fully specified electro-analytical workstation able to perform a host of electro-analytical techniques over a range of currents and voltages.  This is intended for those developing sensors or who need an in-depth electron-analytical workstation.
  • ez Sense OEM - For customers and collaborators who need a single function board to put into mass production.

ez Sense OEM

eZ Sense OEM
eZ Sense OEM

Zimmer and Peacock's eZ Sense OEM technology is the easiest plug in module to your sensor  programme or product development effort. The standard package includes: 


  • Board with display for confirmation of system performance.
  • Micro USB cable to USB Type B.
  • Software for PC and device drivers.
  • Easy calibration of the system to your analytes.
  • Expert support from our team, with subject expertise on both the electronics, sensors and applications.

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Ana Pot

The Ana Pot system is fully functional potentiostat embedded within a small foot print Bluetooth enabled device, that can be driven from a tablet/android phone.  The Ana Fleuve system is ideal for R and D, and for those developing Point-of-Care and desktop instruments.    2020