Point of care boards for accelerating products to market and de-risking development

Zimmer and Peacock's philosophy is to bring our clients and collaborators to market ASAP.  We are often involved in programmes for our clients where an electrochemical sensors/test is at the heart of the system.


Though the test changes from client to client the products' needs remain generic, for example the product may require: bluetooth, a Li-ion battery and a charging circuit, temperature sensors, pumps, heaters, peltiers, displays, touch screens, USB communications, peripheral I2C devices, on board memory, RFID, analog front end, etc.


At Zimmer and Peacock we specialise in electrochemical sensors, biosensors and medical diagnostics and so the POC board from ZP has been designed to be mass produced, to have a low COGS, and is tuned to be part of a system where an electrochemical sensors is at the heart.


The board represents over 50 man-years of experience and  offers a serious business and technical advantage to teams, who understand that getting to market successfully with a robust backbone  is everything.


The ZP POC is available to our clients and collaborators, and when coupled with our analog front end circuits is a giant leap frogging of any company to the market.


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If you have any questions regarding the ZP POC board, please don't hesitate to contact us; you will find us a responsive and technically knowledgeable team, with an eye on how to get your  ideas and products to market ASAP.



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ZP has a number of electronic  boards which we can provide to clients or use in our clients programmes.  Everything that ZP does is centered around electrochemical biosensors and so the board below is a multiplexing board, where we have two potentiostat channels and we are able to measure 15 potentiometric (OCP) sensors.

Please watch a quick intro video to the board.