PalmSens - Compact Electrochemical Interfaces

Zimmer and Peacock are one of the most experienced electrochemical teams with electrochemical investigations and experiments being our everyday activity, this makes us unique as a seller of the PalmSens technology as we have  both an in depth understanding of the technology and its applications. 


Zimmer and Peacock offers the widest range of screen-printed electrodes and accessories to complement the PalmSens. All our electrodes have a 2.54 mm electrode pitch which means they click straight into the PalmSens.


Click the buttons below to find electrodes and accessories for the PalmSens and to get pricing on the PalmSens potentiostats. Please feel free to contact us for a free discussion on the accessories and electrodes for the PalmSens potentiostat.

At Zimmer and Peacock we have a unique programming team as the same guys who write the code and programmes also understand electrochemistry and electrochemical techniques and so when they are developing apps for instruments including the PalmSens they are doing so from a position of understanding what the parameters in the code mean.


If you are programming to control an instrument that involves an electrochemical assay then you can engage with Zimmer and Peacock to aid you on that course.

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