Galvanic Isolator - reducing cross-talk

This galvanic isolator sits between a PC and a USB device, such as the Ana Pot range of potentiostats, and reduces cross-talk between one or more instruments connected into the same PC/hub.

The USB 2.0 Galvanic Isolator Adaptor is used for:

1. Protection of computer and attached USB devices - GREAT for LAB & Field use!

2. Protection of electronic circuits when doing technical measurements (Logic analyser, scope, ports, etc)

3. Protection of programmer and circuit boards when programming embedded boards

4. Allow safe Serial port galvanic separation for communication

5. Avoiding ground loops between devices - for instance PC->USB2ISO->USB-printer, PC->USB-SoundCard->Surround Amplifier




How does it work?

Just plug your USB device into the USB2ISOs connector and then plug the USB2ISO into a HUB or PC. The PC and your USB device now have no electrical connection but can still talk to each other. The USB2ISO module also transfers power from the PC to your USB device with no electrical connection. Your USB device is now protected and can be attached to other ground potentials without any ground loops that could destroy your computer,USB device and other attached electronic devices.

Galvanic Isolator for USB 2 - can be used with the Ana Pot

Designed to sit between the Ana Pot and the PC in applications where cross-talk/interference is a risk.

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