Biosensor/Sensor to Application Programming Interface (API)

ZP have developed a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to build upon. We understand that every application, in every marketing in every region can be different, and therefore we have built a sensor to application programming interface (API) technology stack so that you can build and brand your sensor application upon the ZP sensor to API infrastructure.

Zimmer and Peacock has the World's widest range of electrochemical biosensors.


What makes biosensors different from other types of condition sensors such as movement, accelerometers, GPS, pressure and temperature is that the biosensor is in intimate contact with the sample; in other words the sensing material is in direct contact with the sample be it: urine, blood, saliva, sweat, cell culture media, beer, wine, soil etc.


In these types of applications where the sample matrix is complex then the biosensors from ZP can't be viewed as  a single discrete component, but rather as one part in an entire stack of technologies including: the sensor, the electronics, the sensor reading methodology, the data extraction methodology etc.


In applications where spot testing, discrete measurements or especially in extended time continuous measurements then ZP's Biosensor to API Service maybe  more appropriate, as this allows ZP to bring the data to the ZP Cloud where ZP's algorithms  can condition the signal to information and then bring the information to the clients' solutions via an application programme interface (API).



This biosensor API product and service offering from ZP leverages: ZP's sensors, electronics and Cloud.