SenseItAll (SIA)

SenseItAll (SIA) is a platform for rapidly achieving a minimally viable product (MVP) in sensing and assays where electrochemical detection is at the heart of the technology.


The video opposite is fairly generic in terms of the expected workflow. Below we describe the workflow and developments.

Workflow of the SenseItAll platform

1) A sensor recommended by ZP is chosen.

2) Your assay is selected by scanning the QR code available in the sensor cartridge pack.

3) The SenseItAll Instrument is connected by bluetooth to a Android/IOS Smart Device.

4) Instructions for sample preparation and introduction is described in the app. 

5) The sample is ran according to predefined settings for the selected assay. Raw data is uploaded, stored and analyzed in the cloud database Djuli through the mobile app. 


The premise for an analyte to be sensed with the SenseItAll platform is whether the analyte is electrochemically active. Zimmer&Peacock has variety of sensors on the SIA platform and a range of different sensors in the pipeline to be implemented.


Check out the kits available with the SIA platform:

Our technology stack includes a variety of sensors as can be found in our overview of biosensors below. Ask us for a quote for your specific analyte and application, or reach out to us for sensors already in our technology stack.  

For unusual or complicated applications ZP will request additional Engineering Budgets.

SenseItAll Instrument


The SenseItAll (SIA) instrument performs electrochemical measurements and features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless data upload and analysis on the Djuli cloud-based data management platform via the SenseItAll mobile application. 


Included is a complimentary 12 month license to Djuli. 

1.699,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks