Biosensors into actionable information

ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of biosensors. Along with our core focus on biosensor  and we are experienced in the entire technology chain from the biosensor, to the raw data and all the way to information displayed upon the smart devices.


At ZP we understand that the end purpose of a biosensor is not the biosensor itself, but rather the information and actions that can be taken from the biosensor data.


ZP has  the entire chain of products and services  going from the biosensor to the final actionable information, these include: biosensor, electronics, connectivity to the Cloud, calculations upon the Cloud, display of the information on the end user smart device.



The products and services from ZP includes:

  • ZP has the largest range of off the shelf biosensors
  • ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of biosensors
  • ZP is a developer and manufacturer of analogue and digital electronics
  • ZP has an existing Djuli Cloud platform for receiving biosensor data 
  • ZP is a certified iOS and Android developer