ZP Clinical Trials Group

As part of ZP's  turnkey ISO13485 biosensor and IVD contract development and contract manufacturing services we  are able to use the ZP Clinical  Network to validate biosensor and IVDs using clinically relevant samples and within these clinically relevant settings.


The clinical service from ZP includes understanding the electrochemical technology and matching the technology with the clinics and  hospitals that can provide the best support in terms of expertise, patients groups, medical application, region, regulatory  and go to market strategy.


Clinical applications in which ZP has specific clinical  experience include: chronic obstruction  pulmonary disease (COPD), COVID-19, human fertility, viral infection, diabetes, cardiovascular, renal, epilepsy, stroke, bacterial infection, intensive care, emergency room, drugs overdose, poisoning, etc.


The ZP Clinical Group can run both unblinded and blinded studies to  accelerate both development and clinical validation. 



ZP Accelerator Platform

The ZP Clinical Trials Group are  a natural part of the ZP Accelerator Platform, where the philosophy is to bring electrochemical biosensors and IVDs rapidly from laboratory testing with synthetic samples to clinical testing with clinically relevant samples.