ZP Accelerator Platform

ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors and IVDs. In this video we discuss our ZP Accelerator Platform, a technology platform able to accelerate collaborators out of the lab and into the field using our in house technologies and capabilities, including: screen printed electrodes (SPE), vapour deposition, immunosensor, enzyme sensors, ion-selective electrodes, electronics, app development, electrochemical assay development, Cloud Computing, AI, data sciences, etc.

ZP Multi-analyte platform

As part of the ZP Accelerator stack of technologies ZP has The ezPrism, an OEM hardware and electronics set, that clients that are 'deeply embedded' with ZP can leverage to get an application to market quickly.

ZP Microelectronic and wearable biosensor platform

For clients who are truly looking to accelerate their biosensor programme and are looking for  platform with a very small footprint or  is suitable as a wearable sensor then this ZP platform is for them.

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