At ZP we are experienced at developing and fabricating biosensors to go into  our clients' pre-clinical and clinical studies.


We appreciate that the clients may need to perform the pre-clinical study as they have the unique access to the clinical samples or unique access to the facilities where the samples are held or are being taken/collected.


ZP can provide a 24 hour  data analysis and data reporting service to our clients in these situation, and this needs to be planned and schedules with the ZP project manager and data scientist several days in advance


In these situations ZP has a several step work flow detailed below:


1) STEP ONE - The client gathers the raw data using clinical samples and upon biosensors previously fabricated by ZP.


2) STEP TWO - The client moves/saves the data  into a Cloud Drive so that the data is synchronizing with the ZP data team in real time, or when the client is next online. All data needs to be synchronized with ZP by 5 PM Central European Time (CET).


3) STEP THREE - At 5 PM CET the ZP team will take an initial look through the data, but the heavy work will take place in STEP FOUR.


4) STEP FOUR - The ZP team start the heavy data crunching the day immediately after STEP TWO, (with the exceptions of Saturdays and Sundays).


5) STEP FIVE - At 5 PM CET ZP, at the end of STEP FOUR, ZP will deliver a first draft set of slides on the data analysis gathered in STEP ONE, along with sides covering data interpretation.

Please don't hesitate to contact ZP to discuss your biosensor development and manufacturing needs.