Dimensions of Ana Flow Cell

The Ana Flow Cell is a resealable system that allows Zimmer and Peacock electrode systems to be put into a flow cell.  This system allows the easy placement and removal of any of our electrode configurations, allowing the scientist to pattern/activate the electrodes with an materials external to the cell, and then to seal the electrode system back into the flow cell.


The internal volume of the flow cell is 160 micro litres.


The Zimmer and Peacock sensors are robust and so can be polished and used again and again. Zimmer and Peacock often use the flow cell and sensors in combination with our Ana Pot.  Also note that if the collaborator needs a very specific type of electrode arrangement these can also be designed.

For those wishing to calculate the flow path and flow resistacnes here are some notes and dimensions:

  • 14mm long 1 mm diameter
  • 3mm long 2mm diameter
  • Chamber which has a cross section area of (5.56mmx1.34mm) (7,45mm squared), 7.5 mm long
  • 3mm long 2 mm diameter
  • 9mm long 1mm diameter

Note that between each section is a 90 deg angle.

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