If you have a sensor or electrode idea.

If you have a sensor or an electrode configuration that you wish Zimmer and Peacock to realize then please consider the following:


  1. Design - See our range of sensors to see that a wide variety of designs can be realized, click here.
  2. Design rules - See our design rules, click here.
  3. Different sized sensors - You can realize a number of different sizes of sensors on the same wafer, click here.
  4. Zimmer and Peacock recommend a 2.54 mm pitch  for the electrical connections pads, as this fits with commercially available connectors, see our connectors by clicking here, and see our datasheet to see how we space our connectors, click here
  5. Pricing your sensors/electrodes - See our price calculator to get a 'rough estimate' of the cost to make a batch of sensors/electrodes, click here.
  6. Sketch your ideas - Before committing too much time to detailed CAD/Engineering drawings send some sketches with dimensions to us, click here.