COVID-19 biosensor developers resource centre

There are concerns that the COVID-19 lateral flow antibody tests are not as clinically useful as first hoped, and that bench top PCR tests are not as scalable as the necessary for all the testing COVID-19  will demand.


This means that there is a need for quick and easy to use biosensors, which are as manufacturable  as glucose sensors.


Zimmer and Peacock's business model is to partner with companies and entrepreneurs to rapidly develop and commercialize biosensors, using materials and manufacturing techniques otherwise used in glucose strip manufacturing.


On this page we provide a series of links useful to any companies or individuals interested in developing and manufacturing a COVID-19 biosensor.


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The classic way to functionalise an electrode towards a virus of interest is to immobilize an appropriate macro-molecule to the surface of an electrode. The function of the macro-molecules to give the electrode specificity towards COVID-19.


The technology commonly used to immobilize macro-molecules to electrodes is SAM (self-assembled mono-layer).


In the adjacent buttons we provide some information on anyone thinking of developing a COVID-19 biosensors using gold electrodes and SAM technology.



Zimmer and Peacock's philosophy for COVID-19 assay development is try and keep it simple. Therefore in the adjacent button we discuss a philosophy on how to design a viral assay, whilst keeping it simple.


Zimmer and Peacock has a wide range of electronics for COVID-19 biosensor developers, from their R and D phase through to their product launch.


We have included some useful buttons here, but we would highlight the FoodSense platform, as this platform has a readiness level that is useful within the timescale of the current COVID-19 crisis.


Zimmer and Peacock is a dynamic team of IVD developers and manufacturers, if you want to discuss your development and manufacturing needs for a COVID-19 assay please don't hesitate to contact us.