Renal Panel Developers Kit

Zimmer and Peacock believe that the future for society is accurate point of care monitoring of patients, and that is why we have put together the Renal Panel Developers Kit.


The Renal Panel Kit answers the question, how quickly can I get through the development phase of my renal application and into my manufacturing phase, and get my ideas and products to market?


The renal panel starter kit comes with:


1) 10 x pH sensors

2) 10 x potassium sensors

3) 10 x sodium sensors

4) 10 x glucose sensors

5) 10 x oxygen sensors

6) Test solutions for all sensors

7) Electronics to measure sensors


Note the sensors are reusable in the development phase. We do advise that if you are truly wanting to make a product you/we can manufacture the sensors at a price point which means that they can be used once and disposed of, thus avoiding contamination between patients.


If you want other or additional analytes then please contact us.





The kit comes with the electronics and test solutions, so you can hit the ground running on your commercialization roadmap. Teams receiving our kits can obtain biochemical  data within an hour of opening the box. 


Importantly the kit is supported by a technical team who can train you and your team through live online demonstrations, and a library of how-to-videos.

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Renal Panel Developers Kit

The promise is everything in the box to start your renal panel development

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