Writing applications and communicating with the AnaPot

The only reason that Zimmer and Peacock provides the AnaPot and the AnaPot extra is so that people can develop real world electrochemical biosensors and medical diagnostics applications and products  off the platform, and go to market.


At Zimmer and Peacock we have demonstrated this by our commercialization of the chilli sensor.


Our chilli sensor product is a repurposing of the Ana Pot Extra where the iOS application communicates with a single board computer which drives communication with the AnaPot board through a USB connection. Our primary motivation to use the AnaPot Extra with the single board computer is the bluetooth chip on the single board computer allowed communication with iOS devices.


If you are not planning an iOS application then you communicate directly with the board, and not have the single board computer as the intermediary. 


When people become our customers we are able to provide the communication protocol document, this describes the commands that have to be sent via the USB/serial port that drive the AnaPot board.


We were recently asked if we have a Python Library and as of the time of writing we don't, but as long as you can send serial commands and receive commands then you can use any language you want.

At ZP we are happy if people wish the develop in house, if they have a specific wish to develop an iOS application then we woudl encourage them to look at our Tina and Sara Services.