Tina: iOS Multi-Purpose App for Biosensor and Medical Diagnostic Development

See this latest video on how to get your biosensor onto the App Store.

Zimmer and Peacock have completed the development on Tina, a multi-purpose iOS application for biosensor and medical diagnostic development.   The configurability  of Tina is designed to get Zimmer and Peacock's clients to market ASAP.


Tina is an iOS application which sits on smart phones and tablets and allows the user to control our Ana Pot Extra  series without computers etc, straight from their Apple smart device.  Tina is intended for real end users be it: patients, nurses, doctors, technicians etc. Tina gives a real end-user experience when using your technology that is appropriate to the users  needs, with a much simpler user interface and with controls as simple as START and GO.


The screen shots opposite, taken on the iPhone 7, show very sparse screens, as with every customer/client programme we will configure Tina to reflect your needs, in terms of: colours, logos, user interface and the ways we display the results.

The power of Tina is that it allows your scientists and engineers to develop on our Ana Pot platform and then simply by controlling through the Tina you can give the Ana Pot to alpha and beta users without the need for extensive re-engineering in order to make the Ana-Pot customer friendly. So one platform can take you form development to production.

Tina works in unison with Sara.  Sara is a Cloud Database that hosts Tina based apps and so we can push updates to the Ana Pot Extra's in the field.  Every Ana Pot Extra has WiFi and Ethernet connectivity and so Ana Pot Extra looks to the Sarah Cloud Server for app updates.  This means that our clients can update their customers instruments in real time by pushing new apps, new versions, new calibrations etc to the Ana Pot Extra, which can then be used with the Tina apps.