Disposable Diagnostic Development

ZAP are experts in understanding the necessary workflow for delivering biologically relevant samples to a sensing site, and how to reduce that workflow into a disposable low cost cartridge device.


Consider a disposable cartridge for the analysis of a clinically relevant analyte in whole blood, the disposable cartridges often have to perform several steps including:


  • STEP ONE – Guide the blood sample along microfluidic channels, this can be active, i.e. pumped by micropumps, or can be passive, by relying on capillary action.


  • STEP TWO – Purification of the sample; it may be necessary to remove interfering reagents from the blood, for example separating blood into serum and/or plasma.


  • STEP THREE – It may be necessary to add reagents and incubate the sample.


  • STEP FOUR – After several steps of preparing and moving the sample, then the sample can be finally analysed and the data processed and transferred to the patient.


ZAP can partner with you to develop and manufacture disposable diagnostic cartridges.


Steps in developing a disposable cartridge for medical diagnostics



Prototyping and Manufacturing