ZP Market Analysis Group

At ZP we are an ISO13485 contract developers and manufacturers of electrochemical biosensors and IVDs, and though we have a strong emphasis on the science and engineering of biosensor development and manufacturing, we also understand that even more important than the science is the business case for the proposed biosensor.


To support our clients in the development of their biosensor buisness plans and business case ZP can leverage the ZP Market Analysis Group (MAG).


ZP MAG provides business and market analysis service around our core competencies of electrochemical biosensors and IVDs, with the advantage  that we build business cases within  the known constraints of science, engineering, manufacturing and regulatory landscapes.


Within the ZP team is a cohort of Analysts who provide research support to the client and the client programs. The Analysts can work at both a tactical and strategic level. Tactically the team can perform constrained tasks like material searching, vendor selection, bill of material calculation, cost of goods calculation, whilst strategically the ZP team can layout the product road map, the product market fit, the financing strategy and the go to market strategy.



Sensors and their role in precision agriculture and aquaculture.

Sensors and their role in precision the water industry

Sensors and their role in biopharmaceutical industry

Sensors in Food and Beverage  Quality and Safety

Sensors and their role in medical diagnostics and wellness