Market analysis and financial modelling for the medical diagnostics market

Zimmer and Peacock are excited that the Medical Diagnostics Market is a fast growing global market, providing both improved outcomes for patients, but also  high returns on investment for entrepreneurs and investors.


Our MBA team offers market analysis and financial modelling in the Medical Diagnostics Space so that our collaborators can understand the market opportunity, the competition, the clinical reimbursement landscape and the business models that maximise the revenue from their ideas and technology.


Zimmer and Peacock's Market Analysis and Financial Modelling for the Medical Diagnostic Space is unique in that we are  seasoned developers and manufacturers of medical diagnostic technologies with a track-record in creating business plans, performing market research and building financial models.


If you have an technology and/or an idea and you require a greater understanding of the potential market then please contact Zimmer and Peacock.


Features of the Medical Diagnostic Market

1) Increasing worldwide prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes and growing need for fast and accurate detection of any associated conditions is expected to boost biosensors market size. 


2) Favourable government initiatives along with technological advancements in various medical and non-medical based application will contribute to industry expansion.


3)The rising patient awareness and extended biosensors usage in application areas such as medical, environment, and agriculture should further accelerate industry demand.


4) Point of Care (PoC) testing remains the most lucrative end user segment contributing to over 47% of biosensors industry share, attributed to advancements in the field of microelectronics and biotechnology and rising demand for rapid and portable PoC diagnostic devices. (cheap electronics and meso-fluidics).


5) U.S. leads the industry owing to its increased adoption in expanded indications, rising government support for R&D and growing prevalence of associated chronic ailments.


6) Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand its revenue share by virtue of its rapid economic growth, growing patient awareness and improving healthcare infrastructure.