Automated electropolymerisation, electrodepostion, electroplating, dip coating and testing

ZP is an ISO13485 manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors as part of our rapid scale up of electrochemical biosensors ZP has automation platforms that can rapidly scale lab procedures by converting manual processes into automated process which allows both a more economic, scalable and repeatable manufacturing process.


The robotic system is particularly tailored to:


1) Dip coating and washing processes.

2) Electroplating processes.

3) Electrodeposition processes

4) Electropolymerization processes.

5) Electrochemical biosensor automated testing, integrated with Djuli.



Please note that this technology is in addition to our analog printing, digital  printing, vapour deposition electrochemical biosensor manufacturing techniques.


Our automated robotic system is integrated with our Djuli Cloud database system so we are able to save, process and analyse all production and testing data into Djuli.

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