The Biosensor Builders Kit is supported by the ZP Academy. Please click the image to see more.

Welcome to the Biosensors Builders Kit. This kit will kick start your biosensor development program.  Each kit provides the materials you need to quickly and economically develop a biosensor in your own lab or business. 


Activation solutions are available for glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium and more.  Printing methods for BioDot's AD3200 dispensing system are also provided (dispenser not included). 

What's in the box?

  • Sheets of ZP screen-printed electrodes 
  • Biosensor activation solutions and print method file for AD3200
  • Calibration solutions  
  • Sensor Data


If you require contract, consulting, test of manufacturing support from ZP you can commercially engage with ZP and leverage our biosensor focused services.

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Biosensor Builder Starter Kit

AD320 printing file, glucose calibration solution, ZP Glucose Strip Formulation, 600 ZPS HYP-000-00150 electrodes

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