AnaPot - Organic Electroanalytical Kit

Zimmer and Peacock are big proponents of electrochemical techniques for chemists in the pharmaceutical industry.  The AnaPot Organic Electroanalytical Kit is a kit optimized for chemists who are working with organic solvents often in the analysis or synthesis of organic molecules. The kit is designed to be an out of the box solution and includes. 

  • An Ana Pot - Potentiostat/Sensor Reader
  • An electrode polishing kit
  • An Ana Flow Rig - For making electrical and fluidic connections to the sensor
  • A range of Zimmer and Peacock Sensors specifically designed to be resistant to organic solvents - 10 carbon, 10 Platinum and 10 gold - reusable


Electronanalytical kit for Organic Chemists/Medicinal Chemists

The package includes: Ana Pot, polishing kit, flow cells and electrodes for performing electroanalytical studies on compounds in organic solvents.

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