Analytical Electrochemical Cell

Analytical Electrochemical Cell

An analytical electrochemical cell for our macro and microelectrodes, counter electrode and reference electrode

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The electrochemical analytical cell from Zimmer and Peacock is easy to use when conducting  electrochemical experiments.  The screw on lid has been designed to hold the electrodes in place, at a consistent distances from each other, and so removes the need for a clamping etc.  The lack of clamps makes this an  easy to use cell for laboratory and field applications. 


The cell is made from PEEK so is suitable for high temperature  applications up to 145C, and resistant to chemicals and solvents etc. It's a  durable and so won't smash if dropped or knocked, unlike equivalent glass cells.  Please note the cell is also available in a transparent acrylic polymer version.


This is a robust cell can be easily coupled with Zimmer and Peacock's Ana Pot and Ana Pot Extra Potentiostats, and the potentiostats from Zahner.

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