Lisa Software

The software on this page is for running the Ana Pot.

version 4.8.4

This software is an adjunct to the Ana Pot EIS and is only useful for analysis once you have data.

Note when you click the button below you will be downloading an exe file, so your virus software may warn you, but still download.

EIS Analytical Software
This is a plugin for the AnaPot EIS system for analysing your EIS data
exe File 441.5 KB

Below is a demo file that will allow to to start using the EIS software before you have data of your own.

For ZP customers ZP offer complimentary online training, we may ask you to access the button below to download data for online EIS training.

See our live webinar on EIS - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

Demo data for EIS Software
Text Document 170.4 KB
Text Document 3.8 KB

Watch this video on how to to install the software.

Plugging in the AnaPot

Julia Database