LMP 91000 trouble shooting for biosensor readers

One of the fastest ways to develop the electronics for your biosensors is to partner with Zimmer and Peacock and let our experienced team guide you.


We are able to look at the signals from your electronics and identify the root-cause issues.


If you are having some issues try some of the tests on this page.

Below are some ideas for troubleshooting your LMP91000.

Test One - Establish you are having correct communications with the LMP91000 by reading its internal temperature sensor. Clearly if you can't read the temperature you have a communications issue.


Test Two - Zimmer and Peacock are happy to look at your schematics and advise.  In the image below we were able to advise the client to remove an unnecessary connection and remove a source of noise.



Test Three - It is good to test your electronics independently of  a sensor. In the image below we advised the client to short the RE and CE together, and to then short the WE to that short via a 1 MOhnm resistor and apply a series of bias voltages to the now shorted connections.  The client and Zimmer and Peacock were able to see sensible voltages as a result of changing the bias voltage.