Electrochemical Biosensor and IVD Workshop - 9 August 2023 Coventry UK


Zimmer and Peacock are the World's leading ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors and in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs).


In this workshop ZP will provide a technical introduction to electrochemistry, electroanalytical techniques and their application to biosensors, IVDs, Point-of-Care (PoC), Point-of-need Applications. The trainers adjust the delivery of the workshop content based on the backgrounds of the delegates.

Workshop Leader

The workshop will be lead by Dr Martin Peacock

Date and Time

Day One - 9:30 AM to 4 PM  - 9 August 2023


Location: University of Warwick, Science Park, Unit 4B, Vanguard Centre, Coventry CV4 7EZ


Attendees can expect to receive the theory, and to go into the lab and do their own experiments and make their own sensors. All experiments and learning will be in the context of glucose sensing, electrochemical biosensors and IVDs.


1) Introduction to Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical Techniques, Electrochemical Biosensors, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and, POC and IVDs


2) Deeper Dive into: amperometric techniques, voltammetry techniques, potentiometric techniques, non-Faradaic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy,  and Faradaic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy


3) Hands on amperometric experiment


4) Hands on voltammetry experiment


5) Hands on potentiometric experiment


6) We discuss project management, large scale data collection and data analysis in biosensors programmes.


7) We discuss and demonstrate the detection of ions, small molecules, proteins, viruses, RNA, DNA using: ionophores, enzymes, antibodies, aptamers, receptors etc.


8) All attendees receive a certificate of attending


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Only 30 places are available on this course.

1 Day Coventry Biosensor and IVD Workshop

A 1 day biosensor and IVD Workshop Coventry 9 August 2023

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A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end