Potted Sensor Modules and Meshed Sensor Network - Starter Kit

The ZP Potted Sensor Modules and Meshed Sensor Network are intended for applications where ZP sensors are expected to be in an industrial or outdoors application.

ZP can pot our sensors to make them more robust for challenging applications. These sensor modules are available for pH, nitrate, conductivity etc. See button below.

Sensor Module

Sensor Module

Sensor base station - the sensor base station wirelessly connects to multiple  electronics and your wifi and brings the data to the Cloud, via this bridge.

Sensor Electronics Module - Each  sensor electronics module can run 15 identical sensors, for example 15 x oxygen sensors, 15 x pH sensors, 15 x nitrate sensors

Starter Kit

1 x sensors base station

2 x sensor electronics modules

7 x identical sensors (eg. nitrogen, pH, oxygen etc)

1 x license to Djuli for 1 year.


7.500,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks

Djuli is a proprietary Cloud database from ZP that receives, stores and analyses ZP sensor  data.