Multiple measurements on the same sample/analyte to improve accuracy and precision

ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of sensor and biosensor technologies for our clients.


Two of the parameters that are of course interesting to our clients is the accuracy and precision of a measurement.  The advantage of working with ZP is that we have multiple ways of addressing that question. 


One way of increasing accuracy and precision is to measure the sample with multiple sensors. In the adjacent image the ZP technology stack is able to make multiple measurements on multiple analytes, or in this example multiple pH measurements on the same sample.


What the ZP technology allows is to improve the accuracy and precession by making multiple measurements on the same sample, and in the most simple data model average the data, but of course Djuli can perform much more sophisticated treatment of the data including the rejection of outliers.


In a recent study ZP made multiple pH measurements on the same sample and the hardware automatically sent the raw data to Djuli,  this immediately answered the question, 'where is the data', as it was in the Djuli Cloud, where it was stored, analysed and from where it could be shared.