Industry 4.0/Lab 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the associated Lab 4.0 describes the interconnectivity of devices to produce more efficient processes.





Within the process industries, Industry 4.0 can involve process analytical technology (PAT), where chemical/biochemical sensors are in-line or on-line to the process.


The function of these sensors is to  measure a critical parameter such a concentration of a chemical input and/or monitoring an output, for example a chemical product.


At ZP we develop and manufacture sensors with applications and sensitivity towards:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Production Monitoring
  • Measuring anolytes and catholytes within redox flow batteries
  • Measuring reactants/products within electrolytic/electrolysis processes
  • Monitoring water purification/disinfection processes
  • Detection of chemicals in flow systems/flow reactors
  • Measuring oil/gas/petroleum processes


ZP can develop or use one of our off the shelf sensors to fit within the process, with  our sensors optimized for organic or aqueous systems.

ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of sensors, including chemical, biochemical and biologically sensitive sensors and biosensors.

The ZP SenseItAll technology is Open Platform Communications United Architecture (OPC-UA) compatible.

Zimmer and Peacock has a range of electrodes which can be used in online/inline process analytic technologies: