Wearable Sensors, Wearable Therapy & Continuous Healthcare Monitoring

Zimmer and Peacock is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of wearable biosensors and in this capacity we are delighted to be invited to TechBlick's online conference: Wearable Sensors, Wearable Therapy & Continuous Healthcare Monitoring

Title: Printed Wearable Sensors for Sports and Athletic Performance


Abstract: Printed sensors and electronics are the platform for developing and manufacturing wearable biosensors for improving the analytics available to athletes.


In this talk we will discuss:


1) Lactate sensors, suitable for monitoring anaerobic respiration.


2) Glucose sensors, suitable to understand the fuel in the body.


3) Hydration sensors, understand the ratio of water to electrolytes.


4) Cortisol sensors, understand the stress on the athlete.


5) Testosterone sensors, understand the hormonal state of the athlete.


Speaker: Dr Martin Peacock