ZP @Prinse'22 2022

ZP will be attending and exhibiting at Prinse'22 2022 in Oulu Finland, June 8 - 9 2022.

ZP is Scandinavia's biggest ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of biosensors, wearable biosensors and IVDs.

About the Expo/Conference

Building sustainable world enabled by PrintoCent Community and Open Fab

PRINSE’22 will cover topics from printed intelligence to system-level reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for Future Products 


Now the first structural electronics solutions have been manufactured. PrintoCent roadmap work proved the need to broaden the scope to dedicated system design and manufacturing services for a wider range of applications. Structural integration in glass, in plastics, in laminates, and in biomaterials will explode the variety of product creation as will be seen with the Identified Future Products.


Besides top industry speakers and visionary keynotes, we are organizing training of integrated polymer photonic systems, trainings on Electrochromic visual interfaces and Reliability testing, round table sessions on printed intelligence in food safety, battery manufacturing and health tech, and visits to regional printed electronics companies.


This inspiring international event will host +200 participants around the world, while offering an excellent setting for networking and matchmaking. More than 50 industrial companies will be presenting. To facilitate collaboration with the great experts from industry leaders, we will also have an interactive Innovation Market Place and Bazaar with demos.


The location for the event is Oulu and this event website will be updated regularly, stay tuned!