ZP preparing for the next pandemic

At ZP we do receive a lot of enquires regarding our ability to develop and manufacture biosensors for COVID-19 and whether we 'can do it', the answer is 'of course we can', but in the specific case of COVID-19 the number of biosensors in development or are developed means that the market is now a little saturated, and the global capacity to manufacture biosensors is in addition fairly saturated. Further a lot of governments now have their testing strategies in place for this pandemic.


The advice from ZP is to accept that our planet is more connected than ever and so it is not to focus on COVID-19 biosensor development but rather focus on the next pandemic and help the World be be better prepared next time. At ZP we are encouraging the biosensors entrepreneurs to think further out, for example: Influenza, Ebola, Zika, Polio, etc.


If  you are interested in answering the question 'what's after COVID-19'  then please contact ZP to discuss our market analysis' group predictions for the next pandemic and how we can be better prepared.