ZP's Holistic Contract Biosensor Development and Manufacturing

ZP takes a holistic approach to ISO13485 contract development and manufacturing of electrochemical biosensors including:


  • Market research, analysis, and business case development
  • Proof of principle studies
  • Contract development of point of care devices and in field testing technologies
  • ISO13485 Quality Management System consulting and development for biosensor development and manufacturing 
  • Contract biosensor development
  • Clean room processes and assembly 
  • Clinical support and strategy
  • Development and manufacturing of microfluidics, lab on a chip (LoC), total analytic systems (TAS)


The range of services and products from ZP reflect that we have to take a holistic view when engaging with a client on the subject of electrochemical biosensor and IVD development and manufacturing as biosensor development, biosensor manufacturing, quality, clinical approval, market acceptance are not mutually exclusive or isolated functions. 


The holistic philosophy at ZP imeans that we are able to support clients on each step to build a biosensor and IVD product and/or business.